Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Word Association for October 7th

Wow, this thing is getting neglected again. Maybe some word assocation will fool you all into thinking I am still around.

  1. Yacht :: Sailing
  2. Paula :: Abdul
  3. Delete :: All Suspects (Donna Andrews title)
  4. Auto :: Car
  5. Obsolete :: Typewriter
  6. Dedicated :: Hard Worker
  7. Old :: News
  8. Convince :: Argue
  9. Poster :: Child
  10. Erase :: Chalk Board


Matt said...

Has she written any Turing Hopper books lately? I think I read two (or three?) but don't remember anymore.

Mark Baker said...

There were a total of four Turing Hopper books, but the publisher decided not to continue the series beyond that. She wants to revisit the characters and eventually resolve the on-going story, but I haven't heard any recent plans for that.