Saturday, October 24, 2009

Out and About

Yes, I know today is supposed to be about reading all day long. But I'm actually leaving the house for a while now.

First up, I'm going to a book signing. Techically, Susan Kandel's Dial H for Hitchcock doesn't come out until Tuesday, but she's doing a signing today. And don't worry, it's the third book on my readathon list.

I'll have a little time to kill, so I will grab lunch and read.

Then I am taking a non-book break and playing ultimate Frisbee for a couple of hours, my normal Saturday afternoon activity.

If I can find free Wi-fi, I'll check in at some point. But if not, see you when I get back.


Kailana said...

Enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the fresh air!!

Louise said...

Hope to see you back here :-)

Natalia said...

Hope you're having fun!

Fresh air? What's that???

Anonymous said...

hey it's much deserved! enjoy your break!