Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Are We Owed?

I realize I am a fanboy. Get me started on Babylon 5 or Trixie Belden, and I can go for hours. (Just ask anyone who knows me.)

But I like to think I have some balance or perspective on things.

What brought all this up? This week saw the release of the second season set of Pushing Daisies. I loved that show and am bitterly disappointed that it was canceled. But I do understand that it tanked in the ratings, so I'm not surprised. After all, television is a business.

Yet reading comments from others at Amazon made me shake my head. (And no, they weren't reviews.) One person said that since ABC canceled Pushing Daisies, he had canceled ABC and would never watch them again. Um, so what happens when they have another good show on the air? You'll just skip it?

Then there was the one coming up with the theory that the government should sponsor one show a year that is excellent TV and not doing well in the ratings. That way, it would continue to be made. And the network would have to air the show. Yeah, that's the ticket. Government bailout of struggling TV! But only as long as the show was too good to fail. (As if the government bailouts we've seen this year weren't bad enough.)

Now I am currently working on tracking down a copy of the new comic book for The Middleman, the one with the unfilmed season finale in it so I can find out how that show ends. And I will do the same if they continue Pushing Daisies in comic book form. I would love for both those shows to continue in TV form. But if people aren't watching, it doesn't make any sense.

That's one reason why I review. It's yet another way for me to spread the word about the great shows (and authors) I love in hopes they'll become successful. But if people don't tune in, oh well. I did my best, and I got to enjoy the show while it aired. Hopefully the next show I find I love does better.


Leslie said...

Deep thoughts is your tagline and deep thoughts they are.

I hang out at the website a lot and there are always people complaining about this show and that show getting canceled and bemoaning the idots who didn't watch it. It amazes me how people think that because its their favorite show. EVER. that it means other people should love it too.

People wear me out sometimes.

I tried both Pushing Daisies and Middlemen. I could see how some folks would enjoy both shows but I didn't care for either of them.

I think I'm ranting now, so I'll shut up. Glad that shows are now going the comic book route to finish up their storylines. I think that's a pretty neat idea.

Mark Baker said...

How could you not love Pushing Daisies and Middleman? I loved them, so everyone else should, too.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :)

Leslie said...

Yes and I loved West Wing and ... and... I'm seriously trying to come up with another TV show I know I like but that I've never heard you mention. Stargate: SG1 maybe?

Therefore you should too!

I know, why don't we all become mindless Cybermen.....

Mark Baker said...

I've never watched Stargate SG-1, so I have no opinion. I tried, but the politics of West Wing and the poor writing kept turning me off. Funny since I enjoyed Eli Stone. :)

Leslie said...

ROFL. And the politics of Eli Stone is what turned me off that show.

Since you generally seem to like Sci-Fi you really need to check out Stargate. I know recently at my area Walmarts they had seasons on sale for about $15.

I'd offer to let you borrow my SG-1 collection in exchange for borrowing your B5 collection... but alas that's a kinda far commute :D

Mark Baker said...

Far commute and I think the postage would be the same price as buying them.

Keep an eye on Amazon. They often have Bab 5 on sale for reasonable prices.

Leslie said...

Now this is completely ironic Mark. Totally completely ironic.

I do check Amazon every once in awhile but they've always been at least $45 each. I don't spend that much on any DVD set.

I just happened to check. They are all on sale for about $25. OR I could get the whole set for $119. The used copies are even cheaper. I'm trying very hard to avoid temptation at the moment though....

Figures. ROFL

Mark Baker said...

Give into temptation. It's Bab 5, the best TV show of all time.

(My work here is done.)