Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer League Games 6 & 7

So I've had two ultimate Frisbee games I have yet to blog about. They were in quick succession, so that helps.

The first one was Friday night. To be honest, I shouldn't have gone. I was so out of it! I had not slept at all well on Thursday night. I was feeling tired and sluggish still. I played a few points, but I every time I started running, I would get a headache. Yeah, that was fun.

Heck, I was so out of it, I wasn't keeping track of the score. Usually, when I am on the sidelines, I keept track, but I couldn't even do that on Friday.

I was proud of my contribution on one point. They came at us with a zone defense. I was supposed to be a wing, but there was a wide open spot back behind the thrower. I circled around there, Frankie threw it to me, and I passed it on immediately. We got it up the field and scored without stopping from there. About six passes from me to the end zone one after the other.

Unfortunately, we weren't always that well oiled. We wound up loosing 12-15.

Last night was another hard fought game. We started out down 0-3. By half time, it was 5-8. We managed to tie it up at one point, but in the end we lost 13-15.

Since I'd slept well the two nights before, I was actually feeling much better. In fact, I wasn't ready to quit when the game was over. I still had some points in me. (The down side of having the majority of your team show up every week.)

However, of the points I was in, I only directly contributed in one point, and both were negative. I was wide open, the thrower threw it to me, and it was just out or reach. For some reason, I thought I could get it, but it whizzed right by me. I should have run to the left and I could have gotten it. Then, the guy I was guarding scored on me. I was right there, but they threw it over my head. Not much I could do about it.

There was one point where my team praised my possitioning because it was opening up other things on the field. I'll take it as my great contribution last night.

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