Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Forgot

I know there was something I wanted to blog about. Something vital to national security. (Okay, since I know nothing about national security, that couldn't be it.) And considering I haven't talk about much in the last couple of weeks, you'd think I'd be able to do that. But now for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. So I'll just talk about what I can remember.

Last weekend, I played some ultimate on Saturday. I spent the rest of the time writing reviews. Or at least feeling guilty for not writing reviews. I eventually got five of them done, so I was happy about that.

Daniel came home from his trip Monday night. And I found out that Brennon is going to move out by the end of August. Yep. The roommate search begins again.

Meanwhile, I also found out that Daniel is a huge fan of The Stockmarket Game, a game from the 60's that I've only found two other people who liked. I see many fierce battles in our future. We've already played two games, and each won one. We also played Monopoly the other night, and I won that.

I am once again missing Trixie camp this year. I don't know how I used to do it and still live on what I made. I am not saving any money right now, which was the whole reason I didn't go. I've got to figure out where all the money goes and plug up the holes.

Actually, I think I know where all the money goes. I need to stop buying books, CDs, and DVDs. I've been especially bad recently. Not looking forward to next month's bills.

It's cooled off some this week. Instead of being in the 100's, it's only been in the 90's. I'm sure it will climb back up again soon. But for now, the air conditioner is enjoying the break.

And no, this didn't jog my memory on what else I wanted to say.

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