Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yep, I'm Back

Yes, I have returned successfully from a great Thanksgiving.

Heck, this year, I didn't miss my flight. I made it to the airport with about an hour and a half to spare.

It was cold in Dallas. Looks like it was around 70 here most of the time, but it was in the low 50's there. And it was very windy. Let me tell you, a cold wind bits right through you.

Thanksgiving was just the family this year. And it was delicious. Like there was any doubt with my mom and sister-in-law doing the cooking.

We got to visit several of b&sil's friends over the course of the week. That was great.

And we made our annual trek to see A Christmas Carol, which I think we all enjoy more every year. It's funny because we pick apart the changes they've made from year to year, too. This year they used too much smoke effect at one point, so the smoke detector went off. They had to clear us all out for a few minutes, then resume the play. But the actors got right back into it without missing a beat.

Sunday was spent at the church were my brother works. There are some neat kids in that youth group. Most especially the one who always remembers me every year. Okay, so I'm a little biased.

I think I did better reading wise than normal this year. I finished three books while I was gone.

And I kept up on my workouts. Granted, I didn't do much variety. But I did something all but two days, one of them being a travel day.

All in all, it was another great Thanksgiving.

And I can't believe it's December 3rd already. I really need to start getting ready for Christmas.


...tom... said...


You were gone..?? Who knew..!!

"...but it was in the low 50's there. And it was very windy. Let me tell you, a cold wind bits right through you."


Come visit Iowa...


Mark Baker said...

I'd love to visit Iowa. In the summer.

On a different message board I am on, my inability to tolerate cold is a constant joke. They were recently threatening to take up a collection to send me to Canada this winter.

Leslie said...

In Mark's defense....

I live in Texas. It was January 9 years ago - and I met some missionaries from Alaska who were complaining about how cold it is here.

Its the humidity that gets people every time.