Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's Post Something

And for a change, it won't be about books (although I really need to get going on those if I am going to get them all done before Fall into Reading is over.)

So, what have I been up to since Thanksgiving? Not too much of excitement.

The expection to that was last Saturday. I went to Mysteries to Die For annual Christmas party. Yes, I bought a couple books for myself, but I did plenty of Christmas shopping as well. And I got to chat with authors Lee Goldberg, Joanne Fluke, and Laura Levine. Plus I sampled Joanne's new Hint-a-Mint Brownies. Can't wait to get that recipe.

I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping. I just need to get something for my uncle and his dog. I know what I will be getting. It's just a matter of getting it.

And I made a very pleasant discovery this week. Since I started doing the Fit Quest workouts in July, I have lost 20 pounds. I've still got more I would like to loose, but this is a very positive start. Now, if I could just be turning some of that into muscle I'd be really happy. I'm just not gaining muscle as quickly as I would like to gain it.

In other news, the financial crisis is hitting the college where I work hard. We had meetings about it all afternoon, so I'm a bit depressed. There are hard cuts, but no across the board pay cuts and I still have a job. They cut a benefit, which is in essence a pay cut. But, as I said, I still have a job, so that's a very good thing.

Well, tonight I am off to the Christmas concert at my new church. That's my big plan this weekend. Man, I really need to get a life again.


Ryan said...

Glad you didn't get affected by the college's financial crisis... my father-in-law wasn't so lucky (worked grounds there for around 10 years)...

On the muscle-building note, I would say that you are building muscle (much more than you think) and you'll know how much muscle mass you've put on once you get your bodyfat % tested again (let me know when you want us to do the caliper test on you - or you can wait til the next "Benchmark Week"). That will allow us to determine how much muscle mass you have now compared to when we first measured you... I'll guarantee you that you've built a substantial amount of muscle otherwise I'll eat my shirt!

Of course if you want to accelerate your muscle gains/fat loss it's going to depend on your workout consistently (which you have down) and largely on your nutritional choices (which you already know)... I have no doubt though that you'll get exactly where you want in no time at all!

For those of you regular readers - if you check out the FitQuest blog you can see Mark's progress, performance, and tenacity when it comes to working out (feel free to try a workout then you'll really be able to see his real determination when it comes to this).

Anonymous said...


I love you in the santa hat!!! and you're 'scruffy' which looks really good on you...just need a head shave I think ;0)

Anonymous said...


Got the letter from MacArthur. I'm going to try and send $5 or $10, with a note saying that I can't afford to give much right now (still finishing up my credential and looking for a job), but that the college remains in my prayers (as always).