Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mini Review: Murder Most Maine

Wow, I'm really getting behind on these. I need to start posting.

And, along those lines, I will be talking about Murder Most Maine today. This is the third Gray Whale Inn Mystery by Karen MacInerney.

Spring has finaly sprung on Cranberry Island and Natalie is hoping business at her bed and breakfast will pick up. The weight loss retreat she has booked should definitely help. But things get off to a rocky start when one of the two leaders is a former girlfriend of Natalie's boyfriend John. But when the other leader turns up dead, things go from bad to worse.

I really enjoyed this entry in the series. The story moved forward steadily, and a sub-plot involving the lighthouse on the island certainly helped. I had a good feel for the setting. The series characters are well drawn, but I did have a hard time keeping all the guests straight. And the book even includes a few recipes at the end for you to try.


Beth F said...

Thanks for the review. I'm always looking for good cozy mysteries. I haven't read these.

Mark Baker said...

I love cozies myself. Hope you enjoy.