Monday, April 07, 2008

Was That Warm Weather I Felt?

For the first week of April, our weather sure has been cool. We're talking low to mid 60's. Today, it actually felt warm enough to open my window for a couple hours in the afternoon. Ah, fresh air!

I have been on a major buying binge recently. Specifically Saturday.

But going back to Thursday, I bought an iPod. Yes, my first one. I got a 2GB shuffle. Fortunately, I had it shipped to work because it arrived this morning. So I charged it up and loaded some songs and took it to the fitness center on my lunch hour. I'd say I liked having music to listen to while I worked out except it was kinda distracting, too. But I'm sure I'll get used to it. It didn't seem to want to shuffle at first, but once I got it going, it seems to be okay.

And Saturday I went hog wild. I started out at Mervyn's where I bought some clothes. They were having a great sale, so I got some more work pants, a couple work shirts, a new belt, and new shoes. Stuff I've needed for quite some time.

Then I went over to Target and bought a new backpack. I've needed a new packback for forever and a day. This one has lots more room and several pockets for better organization. I can't wait to use it. I'm still using my old one to carry my workout clothes in during the week. And for the beach. At least for now. The great things is, I was able to use a gift card I had for Target that paid for about half of this backpack.

Finally, I bought some new towels. Two of the three sets I've been using I've had since I moved down here, so about 10 years. Kohl's was having a great sale on them, so I bought some. I'm not thrilled with the colors (I prefer the solid colors that I had over the pastels I bought), but I'm sure I'll get used to them.

Once they stop shedding, that is. Boy, they gave off so much lent when I washed them up. I think I'll be covered in lint for the next month myself.

As if that wasn't enough, Disney always releases lots of pins on the first Sunday of the month, including a "free with purchase" pin. Since I have half of the current cycle of free with purchase pins, I headed down and bought some pins. I had decided to start collecting the villains series they are releasing this year, but they didn't have any of the last two villains. I'm either going to have to go to ebay or get 10 of the 12. Bummer.

So I think I've overspent my budget for the next month. And I've got the LA Times Festival of Books coming up in two and a half weeks.

Speaking of which, I really need to get some reading done before then, too. Yikes!

But I blew it today. It was the first day to sign up for ultimate Frisbee summer league. They are doing the parallel leagues this year again, and I want to be in co ed. I had planned to sign up first thing, but completely forgot until I got the e-mail this afternoon announcing that they were full. But I knew they would have a waiting list, so I quickly went and signed up and then e-mailed the commissioner. He e-mailed me back letting me know I was second on the waiting list. Odds are that two men will have to drop out or two more women will sign up, so I should be good. I sure hope so because I will be bummed if I don't get in. I love that every summer. And I think the guys in the men's league will just be too competitive for me.

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