Monday, April 14, 2008


That's what I spent my weekend doing. Doing stupidity? Okay. That doesn't sound quite right. Maybe the effects haven't worn off yet.


You see, I woke up Saturday morning with the realization that I was much closer to writing 40 reviews this month at Epinions then I thought. And since they are still offering the 10 4 10 promotion, I decided to go for it. Suddenly, instead of being 2/3 of the way to my goal for the month, I was only half.

So, having made this decision, how did I spend my Sunday afternoon? Reading the comment section on a blog about the latest Amazon reviewing scandal. And most of those comments were things we've heard a million times before. And yet I am still sitting there reading them. Yeah, that helps me make my goal.

And yes, there were other parts to my weekend.

Friday night I start out by attending the career Bible study. We were doing part two in a study on defeating sin. Two weeks ago, we covered Acknowledgement and Identity (ie. I am a child of the king, not a liar, etc.) So part two led us through Conviction, Community, and Continuation.

Saturday, I headed down to Mysteries to Die For for a book signing. Sounds like a fun debut. Hope to get to it soon. (Yeah, right. I have so many books screaming my name....) Then I went down to the pool and finished my book. Never did dive in because by the time I finished the wind was really blowing and I didn't want to get wet. I kinda wish I had jumped in earlier because it was absolutely wonderful mid-afternoon. Warm boardering on hot, but not too hot to lie in the sun and read.

That evening, I watched Hitch, which I really did enjoy.

Beside the time wasted on the internet, I did the usual Church in the morning and talking to my family Sunday. Then my Sunday School class had a get together in the evening. Since I didn't go to the church service and it went long, I was one of the first to get there. It was a blast just hanging out and making a fool out of myself trying to play Tennis on the Wii. Okay, so I was getting frustrated by the end since I couldn't return anything. I either need to get one and really practice or I need to stop playing computer games all together.

Finally, while talking to my family this weekend, I think I've decided to get a cell phone. When/if I do, I will then get rid of my land line. Despite how it looks, I really would like to get a cell phone, the issue has always been money. But cutting out my land line, I can save that money and apply it toward my cell phone. I'm hoping to get by with a cheap plan, but we'll see if that happens or not.


MountainHawk said...

You're getting a cell phone?
Does that make me the last hold out?

Mark said...

I think so. And here I thought I was the last hold out.

J. Kaye Oldner said...

OH MY GOSH! I am not the only one to NOT have a cell phone. You have made my day! Thank you!!

I've decided on which one to go with when that day arrives. :) I'm going with pay as you go with AT&T. We'll only use it for 911 things as no one in the family likes to use the phone. We chat through IM & email.

Mark said...

Not using my current phone that much has been my arguement for years on not getting a phone. But I think if I get rid of that phone it will be worth it.