Friday, April 11, 2008

On-Line Changes

Before I get to talking about my life, I have a public service announcement. Tomorrow, April 12th, is Drop Everything and Read day (in honor of Beverly Clearly). So I hope you plan some major reading time into your schedule.

So, Wednesday was day of big changes, or at least potential changes, in my on-line life.

First, Garrett announced he was moving on from Garrett has been the community liaison almost the entire time the site has existed. Definitely the entire time I've been on it. He's been a big help to me with various issues, and I'm really going to miss having him around. Plus I've gotten to meet him a few times, which was lots of fun. Fortunately, he's still going to be active at the site. But his quick replies to my e-mails were always welcome.

Then Cathy announced she was taking a break from Jix. I really do hope it is short and only temporary. She's been a friend in the Trixie community since about the time it really got started. I can't imagine not having her around the site any more.

At least I did get some good news on Wednesday. I've moved up the Summer League waiting list. I'm now #1. Since I've got six weeks or so, odds are that someone will drop out, move to Men's league or we'll get another woman or two. I should make it.

And the good news kept coming on Thursday. I got the Top Reviewer recognition at Epinions. So now I'm a triple threat with TR's in all three media categories. It's funny. I thought books and movies would be easy and I'd probably never get music. But I got music before I got books. I'd pretty much figured by now I'd never get it, so I'm thrilled!

Boy, the weather sure has warmed up today. After my post Monday, it cooled off a little. But today has to be in the 80's. I've had my window open all afternoon, wishing I were outside. It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. Sounds like the perfect day to head down to the pool and read for a while. After I go to a book signing, that is. Hey, I think book signings count toward Drop Everything and Read day, too, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Guess it's a good thing I had reading planned to tomorrow! :)

Mark said...

I feel the same way. Not that I need an excuse to drop everything and read!