Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Major Life Changes

You will never believe what I got in the mail yesterday? My check for $1million finally came in. I thought about complaining about the lack of interest, but decided I could deal with just having an even million dollars.

Naturally, the first thing today was come into work and demand a raise. Which they gave me without any hesitation. Next, I paid off my condo and put it on the market so I could move to a better house. I'm thinking a mansion somewhere where I really have to commute to work.

I also increased my roommate's rent since I don't need it any more.

Meanwhile, I am going back to a simplistic lifestyle, which means I am selling off all my books and movies. I will be deleting all my reviews at Amazon and Epinions and burning my Trixie Belden books.

What, you don't believe a word I am saying? Good.

April Fool!


Matt said...

You had me up until "burning my Trixie Belden books."



Mark said...

What? You don't think I'd ever burn them on purpose? :)

Matt said...

I can't believe they'd burn period. I imagine that your DVDs and furniture would go up in smoke before Trixie.