Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Week Begins

I'd say there's no one defining event in my week if that's the best I can come up with for a title, wouldn't you?

I've continued to research cell phones. I have it narrowed down to Sprint or AT&T. I just can't decide between the two. But I plan to talk to my family about them this weekend.

And, thanks to a marathon writing session this weekend, I should hit 40 reviews at Epinions this month. I wrote 9 over the weekend. No wonder I feel like I'm out of words today.

And keep in mind that wasn't all I did this weekend. I finished a book Sunday and I went to a book signing on Saturday. My mom's cousin was in Glendale signing her novel that I helped her edit, so I went down there to visit and support her. I hadn't seen Marjorie in years, so it was nice to visit with her for a little while.

And I watched the pilot to Burn Notice. Not sure how I feel about the show, but I think I'll give a few episodes to grow on me before I write it off. And I went to two movies. Granted, I turned them both into reviews, so does that qualify or not?

Okay, so writing reviews was a lot of what I did this weekend.

And I got the great news last Thursday that I am definitely in for Ultimate Frisbee Summer League. Now I need to get into what passes for shape with me so I am ready come June. Of course, since I am running three mornings a week and walking another 3 mornings a week, I'd say I'm already well on my way. I can not wait for summer league to start!!!


Brian said...

OK Mark ...

1 - Go with AT&T. That is what I have and am very happy with the service. I have a Blackjack II, which serves as a PDA, GPS, Cell Phone, Gaming Device, plus a few other things (like an e-mail reader and eBook reader).

2 - You mentioned going to the movies. What did you see? Where are the reviews?

3 - FYI, I'm in the process of writing a book and given the subject matter, I better get it finished. Let me just say the characters names are Millie Winston, Milton Washington Winston, and Erika Jablonsky. It's set in Washington DC. And, well, that is all I will say for now. FWIW, even if Hillary loses this time around, I think the whole thing still will be a fun bit of political satire. Knowing that, I'll see if you can figure out what the premise of my novel is.

Leslie said...

Mark - you are just now watching Burn Notice? Wow... LOL - From what I understand it does get bettr after the first couple of episodes, but I never could get into it either.

Mark said...


I watched Expelled, which I will blog more about tomorrow (review: and 88 Minutes, which was okay (


I'm glad to know if I can't get into Burn Notice I won't be the only one.