Thursday, January 03, 2008

Starting the Year with Two Thursday Threesomes

Yes, I know I haven't been around for a while. I've been having fun and relaxing. I've got stuff to blog about. But let's start off this year of blogging with the last two week's Thursday Threesomes, brought to us by The Back Porch.

The first one is appropriate since I'm doing it a week late.

Onesome: Better-- butter than margarine? ...or Mayonnaise? What goes on your bread for sandwiches? How about dinner rolls? Honey, anyone?
Nothing goes on my bread for sandwiches. Other then the stuff I am putting in the sandwich. However, I do enjoy butter on dinner rolls. Or honey if I'm in the mood.

Twosome: Late-- again! I think that's something I do about once a year. May I blame it on Christmas cleaning? How about you: is your place all cleaned up from the paper-fest? ...or can you even get to the door yet?
My place was never too bad since we were all gone. However, I am still taking down my Christmas tree and decorations.

Threesome: than Never-- again? Do you have any Christmas memories (this year or Christmas Pasts) that you'd just like to never repeat? I'm thinking humourous stories would be best!
I can't think of any funny stories that I wouldn't want to repeat.

On to today's.

Onesome: Twenty-five?-- Good age to be? ...or bad age to survive? Can you look back at this time without cringing? ...or are you there yet?
25 was a good age. Nothing really stands out in my mind for that year, either good or bad.

Twosome: or Six-- ways to help yourself out? ...or maybe just one? If you could send a piece of advice for yourself at twenty-five, what would it be? ...and if you are twenty-five? Well, can the gang here answer any questions for you?
Work hard at all times!

Threesome: to Four-- pounds of See's candy over the holidays? Did you survive 'growing season'? How's it looking out there? I've already seen the displays up for Valentine's Day! Can we survive the constant onslaught of the chocolatiers?
I did about like always. I just seemed more determined then normal to shed a few pounds now. We'll see how I do.

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