Friday, January 25, 2008

Ending Another Week

This has been an interesting week.

It started out rather badly. Between the funk I've been in all year (that beginning of the year depression has hit me hard again this year) and some other things going on, I was seriously depressed. I mean, I honestly felt like if anything could go wrong it would. And I hate that feeling. Heck, I even helped contribute to a friend getting into a tight spot work wise.

Fortunately, things started to turn around Tuesday night. And with nothing in particular. I went down to my friend Don's for dinner. But that allowed me to move on by not dwelling on everything that was going wrong for a little while. And my mode has been better all week.

I also started working out in the fitness center here on campus at lunch time again. And I've got the sore muscles to prove it. Still, I feel better knowing I am doing something physical again. If only my leg would stop bothering me so I could run again.

I took down the problem review I talked about last week. I had a couple people talk some sense into me, basically saying it wasn't worth it to me to be the target of the hate.

And can I say that it is about time for the strike to end? Yes, I am mourning the potential for no new episodes of Chuck until who knows when. Man, I love that show. Any show that can have me choking up, laughing, and on the edge of my seat in five minutes is all right by me. I'm just disappointed that they didn't resolve the cliffhanger from Christmas.

On that front, the two sides are at least talking about talking again, which is a step in the right direction. But most everyone is saying we won't get anything new until Fall. FALL??!! At least the WGA has taken off the demands that animation and reality writers be part of their union. That was nothing but a power grab and needed to be shot down. I'm hopeful that things can be resolved quickly and that the actors strike set for summer doesn't happen. This whole thing is stupid and needs to be resolved.

Of course, the big news around here is all the rain. It started Tuesday and is still raining. Apparently, it's not the same storm, but it has been raining pretty much non-stop all week. Naturally, that means the roads are flooded. I sure wish they knew how to build proper drains around here.

On the down side, part of my garage flooded. There's a part that must take on water from the outside, because it's half way back in my garage. Anyway, when I was leaving for work this morning, I discovered that there was a puddle of water under the spare mattresses for the other bunk beds and my Christmas tree box. I've got the box up drying, and the mattresses are in plastic. Hopefully nothing was ruined, but we'll see.


pgepps said...

OK, I confess--though I do get impatient for new content on some of the web services I glom TV episodes off secondhand, I honestly have to rather enjoy the prospect of our pop culture strangling itself in its own red tape. Who knows? It might launch an awakening or something.


Mark said...

I would agree if it weren't hurting my favorite shows. :)