Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Catching Up: A Week at Home

So, when I left my parents' a week before I had to be back at work, I wanted a week to get bored. While it was nice and relaxing, I would say I ever got bored.

I had figured I would spend New Year's Eve hanging out with my roommates. That didn't quite come together. One had to work, and the other and I couldn't agree on what we wanted to do. At the last minute, I got an invite over to some friends' to play poker and Bunko. It was a fun night, and I'm really glad I got to go.

Tuesday, I headed down to Santa Monica. It was clear but really windy up here. It was calm and slightly overcast down there. I walked from the Santa Monica pier to the Venice pier and back, which took me quite a while. I really wish I had taken my camera with me, because the way the light played off the clouds was beautiful. And the sun set was spectacular.

Wednesday, Clint and I finally got together with Kurt and Kellie. None of us could quite agree on anything to do. But we did hang out, play some video games, go to Olive Garden to eat (I hadn't been there in over a year), and hit the hot tub. It was a great afternoon/evening.

Thursday, I did come into work for about an hour to process the first of the month credit card donations. After that, I met Kurt and we played Frisbee golf at the course here in town. I lost by two strokes, which was frustrating. I have a few discs now, so I need to practice so I can beat him next time!

Friday, I headed down to Northridge and met up with a friend for lunch. We hung out all afternoon at his place, which was lots of fun. It started to rain that day, and we even went hot tubbing in the rain. I got a haircut, too.

When I wasn't out doing this stuff, I just goofed off. I spent lots of time watching TV I wouldn't normally watch. Nothing exciting, just fun stuff like sit com reruns. And lots of football Saturday. It was so nice to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Over the weekend, we got plenty of rain with this storm, but I didn't see any flooding or mud slides or power outages or anything like that. And I'm very thankful, too.

Unfortunately, this week I'm back at work. If only I could get paid for goofing off all the time.

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