Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Seasonal

So the last time I walked about life, I mentioned the warm weather. I miss it. About the time I made that post, it grew very cold. Okay, it probably hit 60 today. But yesterday I'd be shocked to learn it got above 50. And there was a cold wind blowing making it very dry and much colder. And we all know how much I like cold and wind. Plus the super dryness bothers my skin.

Other then that, not much has been happening. I'm on track to write 50 reviews at Epinions this month. Next year, I slow down. Reviewing writing isn't as fun as it once was. And this is supposed to be a hobby.

I've finished almost all of my Christmas shopping. Just have one more small gift to get. Of course, I did accidentally order two of one item. I'll probably spend half of what it is worth returning it to Amazon, but such is life.

The big news is we got new windows in my building at work. You know, windows that actually fit in the hole. There were some people who had giant cracks around their windows. Personally, mine didn't latch and I had to use a clamp to hold it closed. They also seem more energy efficent, so it should be nice for holding in heat in the winter and cool in the summer. Not that we need help with the second one. My feet are always frozen by the end of the day.

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