Friday, December 14, 2007

Mini Review: Death in Lovers' Lane

Mystery author Carolyn Hart has two mystery series. She is best known for the best selling Death on Demand series. So far, I've only read her lesser known series about retired reporter Henrie O. Henrie teaches journalism at a college in Missouri, and that school provides the setting for Death in Lovers' Lane, the third entry in the series.

Henrie is teaching a directed study this semester on investigative journalism. Maggie, the student, wants to do her final project on three famous unsolved cases in the town, two of them directly related to the college. Henrie agrees, but only if Maggie digs up new facts. And she must have because two days later she turns up dead in lovers' lane, one of the locations for one of the murders. In order to relive her conscience, Henrie O starts investigating the three old cases and poking into Maggie's life trying to find out if her assignment is what got her killed.

With four mysteries to solve, the action never lagged in this book. There were lots of characters, but I was able to keep them straight very easily. And the writing just pulled you in and made you care about the outcome.

If you'd like to read my full review of Death in Lovers' Lane, just follow the link.

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