Monday, December 03, 2007

Mini Review - The Crafty Teddy

The Crafty Teddy is the third in the Teddy Bear Collector's Mysteries by John J. Lamb.

When Brad and Ashleigh's home is robbed in the middle of the night, they are upset. To make matters worse, one of their collectible bears vanishes. Depsite police efforts, no trace of it shows up.

A couple weeks later, Brad spots some Japanese mobsters in the area. They ask directions to the local museum. Driving by an hour later, Brad find the museum director dead. But things really get interesting when Ashleigh identifies the antique bears as counterfeit. What's going on?

I love this series. The plot is extremely entertaining. Brad and Ashleigh have a wonderful marriage. And Brad's sense of humor, or should I say sarcasm, makes me laugh the entire way through.

For more information, check out my full review of The Crafty Teddy.

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