Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here's to Long Weekends

You've got to love getting two extra days off work. See, Master's closed Thursday and Friday, so I actually had five days free. Well, sort of free.

Wednesday, the 4th, I went with Clint to the BBQ that the career group was hosting. That was loads of fun. The weather was roasting hot, but we spent most of the time in the pool. Couldn't have asked for a nicer time.

That night, the two of us went out and found some fireworks to watch, which was nice since I missed them last year.

Thursday, I unfortunately had some errends to run. So I set out early to beat the heat. Got shot (allergy, that is) and bought a present for a wedding while getting my oil changed. Then I went home and vegged for a few hours. Unfortunately, Fox didn't air the last two episodes filmed of Drive, which bummed me out. But I had fun just watching whatever was on TV. That night we had youth group, of course, which went well.

Friday was another veg around the condo day for most of the day. I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (crying through the last 50 pages even though I knew what was coming), so I'm not ready for book 7. I also rewatched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I still enjoyed it the seond time around.

That night was my ultimate Frisbee game for the week. We had better numbers then I was expecting. I got to play about as much as I wanted to, no more, no less. The other team had extra women, so they often put a woman on me. Not that I'm complaining. Finally, someone at my playing level. And I got a defense in. Just barely, but I will take it. I'm good for about one a season, so I'm not complaining.

Saturday was Nick and Jenny's wedding. It was down in Yorba Linda. I'm surprised their muscles didn't hurt from smiling so much. It's always wonderful to see a couple look so happy.

Unfortunately, I made a dangerous discovery that night. Downtown Disney gives you three hours of free parking. That's more then enough time to check out the Disney pins store and the World of Disney for more pins. I've found another way to feed my addiction. I think I am sunk. After all, I did buy several more pins that night. HELP!

Sunday was just a nice quiet day around the condo. Then it was back to work. How I wish this were a two day work week as well.

I did get in a couple Hitchcock movies over the long weekend as well. Vertigo is long drawn out and boring. Other then that, I loved it. :) North by Northwest was better. Still, I don't find his films terrifying or edge of your seat suspense.


Anonymous said...

WOW! So you finished book 6, eh? Ok, you're verdict on Professor Snape! Friend or Foe? :-)

Book 7 next Saturday! Woohoo!!!! :-)

~ Gabi Guzman

Mark Baker said...

My verdict on Snape? He is a friend of foe. And I stand behind that 100% :)