Friday, June 15, 2007

Ultimate Challenge

Wednesday night, we had our second ultimate Frisbee game of the season. Talk about a nail biter!

Now keep in mind that games are to 15 as you read this.

The played horribly first half. In fact, it was 3-8 at half time. They were scoring everytime they got possession of the disc and we couldn't seem to connect with each other.

Then things turned around for the second half.

We started out by throwing the zone defense at them (instead of man to man). They just didn't seem to know what to do with it. Next thing we knew, it was 9-8. Then they scored to tie.

Neither team was ever ahead by more then two points the rest of the game. At 14-14, the captains decided it would be win by two hard cap at 17 or the lights going out.

They scored. We scored two, making it 16-15.

Then, just as we kicked off, the lights went out. That's right. We came from a five point deficit to win!

I wasn't quite as happy this week as I was the week before, but I still felt like more a part of things then before. I wonder if it's because, since I'm playing in a true co-ed league this time (equal numbers as opposed to 5-2 men), if it means the women are playing more on my level so I can be involved more. Either way, I like it.

I just need to figure out how to take advantage of the men poaching off me more.

Last night was an unusual youth group. Instead of regular youth group, we did The Challenge.

Basically, it's a huge relay race up and down a park here in town. While the kids have to complete various tasks, we staff where shooting shaving cream at them. It all ended with a huge slip and slide at the bottom.

Now I decided to do something different for it this year. Clint had told me I should show up to youth group sometime with a Mowhawk, and I figured this was the perfect night to do it. Of course, that meant he and I had to race home from work, shave it, then race to the park. Everyone seemed impressed, though, so it was worth it. Of course, I shaved off the rest afterward. My boss commented today "It must be summer. Mark's shaved his head." If he only knew what I looked like last night....

Everyone seemed to have a great time. The only problem was the kid's still haven't figured out that we start at 6:30 during the summer. We didn't start the contest until 7:20. Since I was on one of the levels of the park (there is grass on five different levels up a mountian) by myself, I got rather bored. I was stuck there by myself for an hour. Okay, I'm whining now. I'll shut up.

I did try the slip and slide. I haven't been on one since I was a kid. As I figured, I just can't do it. I don't drive except into deep water. And you need to be able to dive to do it right. Fortunately, I tried it while they were still working on the last task or after most of them had left, so I didn't make that big a fool out of myself.

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