Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Update

I really should be getting ready for bed. But I wanted to update really quickly.

My weekend was quiet. Hosted game night. We played Hear Me Out. I won, so it must have been a great night.

Busy day at work trying to get things finished up before I left for my surgery. Got done what I had to get done but not everything I wanted to get done. I would have gotten that done if my boss hadn't had other priorities for me. :)

They called tonight to tell me I am to show up for my surgery at 6:30 AM. In the Morning! Threw me a little since I didn't expect to have to be there that early. But Debbie volunteered to drive me down in the morning even though it was so early. However, she won't need to. I am driving myself down, and Nick and Jenny will pick me up and drive both their car and mine back.

I couldn't do any of this without such wonderful friends. I am so extremely grateful for all of them, including others who I didn't mention who did offer to help. And a co-worker who made me a wonderful looking dinner for tomorrow night.

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