Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Have Survived

Ok, so I actually made it to the hospital at 6:40. Still plenty early enough.

Went up to pre-op and waited. But they actually took me into surgery at 8:30. I was glad I didn't have several hours to wait like last time.

They actually put me all the under again, which made me plenty happy. Came to in recovery at 10 and they were rolling me into a room before 11.

Pastor Jon came and visited with me for a little while. Then Nick and Jenny came and took me home. All told, I was home by 1 PM. Not bad.

And I did very well yesterday afternoon. Lots of energy. Even walked over to vote. (It's right next door to my complex.)

Today, I was feeling sluggish most of the day. Finally waking up now. :)

Had an appointment with the doctor today and finally got to see the wound for the first time. It's huge! :( He really had to open it up again. I'm looking at several weeks of recovery. I just hope it actually heals this time.

The doctor says there were two problems. First, there was a track that hadn't closed running under an already scarred over area, so he had to cut that all open. And, in the one area that hadn't closed at all, he found a knot of suture that wasn't disolving. Those are the reasons that it hadn't healed before. He's very optimistic that it will heal correctly this time.

I'm supposed to go in again Monday. Hopefully, he'll still be upbeat then.

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