Friday, June 02, 2006

Guess Who Gets to Have more Surgery


Yesterday was the day I finally got to talk to my doctor again. He's back from vacation and looked at my CT scan. He looked at it, and it looks wonderful. All the problems they operated for in the first place are gone. However, the wound still hasn't completely scarred over. In fact, it hasn't changed a bit in the last month.

I figured he'd be carving into me a little no matter what the test results showed. However, I was surprised that he wanted to do a full OR surgery with it just being a surface issue. But that's what he wants. So we scheduled that for Tuesday of next week, and I took off early yesterday afternoon to go to the pre-op appointment.

Then this morning, he calls to say that he can't do it until the 14th. After I start telling people it's been postponed, he calls back to say there's an earlier opening on the 6th, so I'm having it done that day after all.

Basically, he'll be going in, cleaning out the area around what hasn't healed yet, and seeing if he can figure out why it hasn't closed. He figures there's an infection in there somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it.

This one won't be nearly as bad as the last one. Out patient, no hospital time. Local anestisia (which will make me more nervous since I'll be able to watch them do whatever they are doing). I am planning to be gone all next week, but I hope not to need it.

My boss has been on vacation all week. He's just going to love coming back to this announcement.

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