Wednesday, May 24, 2006

If I'm going to update, I guess I should do it

I am exhausted today. I think staying up until midnight or later every night is catch up with me. Hopefully, after the downhere concert tonight (which starts at 7:30, for those who might be wondering), I can go home and go straight to bed.

Friday night, we had our youth event for May. The jr. high and high school played Gotcha. Basically, everyone had tape on their back and the name of the person they were supposed to get. If you pulled the tape off someone's back, they are dead, and have to give you the name of the person they were going for. The object is to collect the most names. I walked around and make sure everyone was ok, and they were. In fact, everyone seemed to have a great time.

Saturday was lots of fun. First, the college had a picnic for the employees and their families. I arrived just after the softball game (darn, NOT!). They had hamburgers and hot dogs for us, as well as games for the kids. And adults. We had a waterballoon toss and someone brought a volleyball net. I played inspite of my intentions, and it was fun.

See, over the weekend, my wound started to really hurt. I figured out that it was because the skin around it was getting irritated and had nothing to do with the wound itself. I've been using Neutragena, and that's been helping a lot.

Anyway, our game night Saturday was just Debbie and me. Not that we let that stop us from having a good time. We played mini golf in Sherman Oaks and I won. Then we hit Hometown Buffett for dinner since the wait was close to an hour and a half at Olive Garden, our first choice. Konrad and Carol showed up just as we were about to leave. Perfect timing.

And my final TV shows of the season are winding down. 24 was awesome Monday night. I'm still not completely sure how I feel about Alias, although I think they killed off one too many characters for me to truly say I liked it. Still, I thought Sloan's fate was especially poetic.

Last night, I accidentally ran over a spray can of something pulling out of the work parking lot. Sure made lots of noice, but I don't think it did any damage to my car.

And that's the Mark report. Thanks for reading!

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