Monday, May 15, 2006

Good Times

Friday night was the college's graduation. Unlike last year, which was roasting hot in the middle of the day, this one was fine temperature wise. In fact, I got cold by the time it was over. And we were facing east, so the sun was behind us. Anyone on stage had the sun in their eyes, but that number was small.

Afterward, a bunch of us went out to eat at Black Angus to help Matt celebrate. It was a late dinner, but well worth it.

Saturday, I hosted game night. Well, that's only half true. Christine provided dinner while everyone was over here. I did make a peach cobbler for dessert. We played Apples to Apples. As far as I know, everyone had a great time.

Sunday, after talking to Mom, Debbie and I met up for a movie and dinner. We went to see Just My Luck. It was good although it wasn't nearly as funny as I thought it would be. The best parts are in the previews.

But this doesn't talk about the best surprise I got this weekend. My friends Donald and Heather were in town for various family graduations. Donald came over for a little while Saturday and then we had an early lunch together today. Or at least I had lunch while they talked because they had a large late breakfast and weren't hungry. It was absolutely wonderful to see them and spend a little time together. Wish it could have been more.

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