Sunday, April 09, 2006

Meme Time

Yeah, I should probably be updating this with life stuff. But instead, we're doing meme's today.

First up, Thursday's Thursday Threesome brought to us this week by good deals and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Money-What's the biggest waste of money you've ever spent?
I really can't think of amything.

Twosome: Back-Have you ever said or done something that you wish you could take back?
All the time. Quite a bit on-line this week. Seems I was only opening my mouth long enough to switch feet.

Threesome: Guarantee-What do you wish would come with a guarantee?
I'd really like one on my life. When I royally mess something up, I could do it over again.

And, one I haven't done in months. The word association.

  1. Buck :: Dollar
  2. Harry :: and the Hendersons
  3. Play :: Games
  4. Monstrosity :: Horrid
  5. Nightclub :: Two-Step
  6. Missing :: Child
  7. Sprout :: Brussles
  8. Flavor :: Ice Cream
  9. Identity :: Secret
  10. Saucy :: Attitude

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