Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another Week

Just so you know, I don't mean to go a week without updating on my life. Really!

When I went to the doctor on Friday, he told me things were still looking good. And he didn't think we needed to see each other every week, so I don't go back for another week and a half. Of course, it's still healing slowly. I need patience and I need it now when it comes to this thing.

Game night Saturday was an out in Santa Clarita night. We played minigolf, which I did horribly at, then went to Souplantation for dinner. April is pineapple month, and they have the best pineapple upside down cake. Yum!

Friday night, I had a note on my condo door telling me that they were starting the repipe on Monday instead of Tuesday. So I had to try to work moving stuff for that into an already full weekend. Not what I had planned, but it got done.

Of course, I didn't move as much as I needed to. I got home Monday to find they'd partially moved one of my bookcases and half of the stuff in my closet, including the stuff I'd stuck in there to get it out of the way. Then yesterday, I came home to find something I'd moved a second time to get it out of their way on the floor. I guess they decided to open the window or something like that. At least this is only for two weeks. I can live with it for two weeks.

Of course my roommate starts in last night about how he's feeling clostrophobic in the place. Well, it's pretty full as it is, but we've had to rearrange everything because they need access to half the walls. I don't like it either, but it's temporary. Believe me, I don't plan to keep it this way any longer then I have to. But I don't need a complaining roommate on top of everything else.

At least I'll be glad when this is over. The pipes in my place leak (I've had three leaks in the two and a half years I've been there), and the new copper piping is supposed to take care of that. I'm really happy to think about it being finished, but not happy with the process during the time.

See, I can find something to complain about on any given day of the week.

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