Monday, December 05, 2005

If At First You Don't Succeed

I couldn't wait to get my new washer and dryer on Saturday. I was decorating my Christmas tree, which I have right up front, during the stated two hour window, so I was watching out the window while I worked. Then they arrived.

That was when I learned that I have a gas dryer, not an electric dryer like I thought all along. Oops. The two guys spoke enough English to get by, but they weren't easy to communicate with. Anyway, they kept telling me I had a gas dryer but had bought an electric. Several times. Finally, I figured out that they couldn't hook up the electric dryer because the connections weren't right. So I had to send the dryer back. The good news was they set up the washer then hooked my old dryer back up so I could do the load of towels I desperately needed to do.

Yesterday, I went back to Best Buy and got the refund for the electric dryer and bought the same dryer as a gas dryer. I got a good deal on it, too, because of some deals they had given me originally that they still honored. The new dryer should be delivered sometime tomorrow. Can't wait to do some laundry in my new units!

I haven't gotten an update on Mom today, but as I said yesterday, she is home but not super strong. Hopefully she will continue to heal. Naturally, this isn't fun for her at all.

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