Friday, July 15, 2005

What's Wrong

Tuesday, I happened upon this post at Michelle Malkin's blog. Basically, it's about a robber who is trying to get a short sentence for his crimes. His excuse? I was so tramatised by 9/11 that I couldn't stop myself from committing robbery. Give me a break.

But, just then I got Shaun Groves' new CD, White Flag. I stuck it in and started listening to the first song. The chorus immediately caught my attention because it goes like this:

I'm what's wrong with
This world. I'm bent
Warped and wicked. I am weak
My heart's twisted
Torn and tempted
This world is not what's wrong with me
I'm what's wrong with this world.

When talking about that song on the CD-ROM portion of the CD, Shaun talks about having seen Billy Graham on Larry King's program. It was right after a school shooting, and Billy was asked why things like that happened. While Shaun was expecting the normal list of violent movies, video games, MTV, etc., Billy Graham went strait to the real cause. Sin. It's because we're truly vile evil people that we do vile evil things. It really is that simple.

The entire CD is excellent, BTW. His best yet. Very highly recommended.

I proved how evil I am last night at youth group. Over capture the flag of all things. I've always hated that game. Something about being a slow runner and not being good at it. Combine that with people who cheat and you get an unhappy Mark. I need to stop playing that game when the youth group does. I think we'll all be happier for it.

But ultimate Frisbee went very well last night. We traded points for the first half basically. We were up 9-7 at half. But we smoked them second half, finally winning 17-10. With the way I was feeling when I showed up, it was certainly needed. And, while I was scored on a couple times on defense, I completely a couple passes on offense after throwing the first one completely away because I panic when I caught it. You think I'd get over that someday. :)

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