Monday, July 18, 2005

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

So I spent an hour and a half on one of the problem accounts, only to find that Phil must have already done it. The amount I was out of balance? Exactly the amount of some journal entries that didn't need to be there. So I'm feeling rather stupid right now. Relieved, but stupid. At least it balances.

Meanwhile, I had yet another busy weekend. Saturday, Casey and I went to see Bewitched. We enjoyed it. It wasn't the TV series, and those looking for that will be sorely disappointed. But it was certainly worth seeing once. And they did have some great nods to the original series.

Then it was down to Van Nuys for the game night. We played ImagineIff.... It was fun, but Casey and the other guy who don't really know the group had a hard time with it since you have to match the rest of the group.

Sunday I was it in Sunday School. Pastor Jon had a tape for us to listen to. Not that the kids were quiet for it. A group of boys were rather obnoxious the entire way through. And then had the nerve to act like I was awful to keeping them late to chew them out.

We had a SNYF last night as well. The kids hung out and played around the house. They seemed to have fun, which meant it went well.

I got the biggest surprise at church. Mindy walked up to me and told me I looked great with a Mowhawk. Yep, they'd found my blog after discovering my reviews at Amazon. They must have been really dedicated to find my blog since I'm rather buried down the google search. I went through six or seven pages and still hadn't found myself. Of course, I don't know for sure what Chad was searching under.

They warned me again that I need to careful what I post here. As if I didn't know with all the real life friends who are reading it these days. But, just to show them that I am taking the warning seriously....

Hi, Chad and Mindy. You're jerks! :)

(Not really at all. They're nice people. This is a joke. Don't hurt me. Please?)

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