Friday, July 29, 2005

Quick Update

This will be quick. I'm all packed and need to be heading out the door to leave for a weekend in Vegas. I'm heading there for my cousin's wedding. Should be a good weekend.

Meanwhile, there are a couple things I wanted to blog about before I left.

I haven't heard anything on the mole that was removed last week, so that must be good news. I will probably get the official word via postcard while I'm gone. If there were a problem, they would have called me. Meanwhile, it didn't hear nearly as quickly as I was told it would. :( Doesn't hurt, but I still have a nice scab.

We lost our ultimate game last week. Guess the week before we clobbered the team. Why does that always happen when I'm not there? Anyway, we only had a couple male subs. Lots of females, however. It started out close, but by half we were down 5-9. We managed to tie it up before finally loosing 15-17.

Bible study last night was challenging, at least to me. We were talking about the lust of the flesh out of I John 2. The way Pastor Jon talked about it really got to me. He said it's the temptation from within. And we need to train out body that it won't always get everything it wants when it wants it. Rather convicting, actually, on the heels of a week where I spent work time catching up on stuff I should have done during the entire last year. Then last night, I left late to play an internet game but still watched an episode of Mary Tyler Moore before I arrived late to youth group. Not that I took it completely to heart. I got home from my game and watched the some of the extras on the MTM set until 1 AM.

Obviously, this is something I need to start working on slowly but surely. And I need to start today.

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