Friday, June 24, 2005

This Has Been a Good Week

All in all, this week has been good, even if a couple unhappy things happened today.

The Good:

Tuesday night, Casey told me he'd decided to stay at my place instead of moving back into the dorms in the fall. There is much rejoicing! I would still like to find another guy to stick in that room, but one down is a good start.

Wednesday night was my next ultimate game. We won last week, so I really wanted to win when I was there. It was a close game, with us ahead by two at half but them tieing us part way through the second half. We traded points for a while, with them always in the lead. Then we managed to pull ahead and win 17-15. Next week could be a killer, however. Lots of the team seems to have a conflict. We might have seven, the max on the field at a time, with me being one of them. I went running this morning to make sure I didn't die until the second half. But that might not have been a good idea. (More on that later.)

Last night was Bible study. And Nick was back from choral tour and then touring Europe afterwards. Great to see him again. And I'm supposed to be going to the church campout with him in a little while. If I can get out of here. I'm still here at 4 and was told I could go home whenever after noon. Of course, I've done little work and instead worked on my next part of Superheroes and Villians. I just wrote episode XIX, and we've only posted IV on the blog, so we still have some catching up to do.

Anyway, today was the best news. They gave everyone who has been working here since last year a bonus. And we're talking a nice one, too. In my eight years here, we've had three of them, and this is by far the nicest one yet. Considering my roommate situation, this is a welcome bit of money.

The kinda bad:

After all that, these seem to be petty things. :)

My rank at Amazon has slipped to 106. I've been passed by someone from behind after bouncing around between 104 and 105 for a couple weeks. :(

I'm really not feeling well today. Since I have to go home and get my tent, I'm going to take my temp while I'm at it. But I don't think I'm sick.

I should probably post this since I need to stop by Target and pick up Trixie Camp pictures and deposit my bonus check on the way home, then go and meet Nick. And I have a little bit of work to do before then. I was going to walk out the door 3 minutes ago. And I believed it when I decided upon that time.

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