Thursday, June 02, 2005

So, What Else Have I Been Up To?

This needs to be a fast post since I should be working on tomorrow's deposit since I'm taking tomorrow and Monday off work! But, since I haven't talked about my weekend or this week, I thought maybe I should fill you in before I leave.

Saturday I mostly lazed around and watched TV. Did finish Rocky and Bullwinkle. Turned out I only had two episodes to go. :) I did go to a book signing for Susan Kandel's new book, Not a Girl Detective.

Sunday was church in the morning, then Casey and I went to Pasadena to a Ginny Owen's concert. It was part of a church's Sunday night service, and the sermon wasn't that great, but the concert was great. I'm not as big a fan of her third CD as I am the first two, but I liked the songs more live then I have on CD. And she's really funny in person. I've been to a couple concerts where I wished I hadn't gone since I didn't like the personna of the artist. If anything, I liked her more.

Monday was supposed to be many things. I was going to do something fun. Then I was going to save money, stay home, and relax. I did neither. Benjamin moved out, so Casey and I started working at rearranging the bedrooms. Got the bunk beds apart and stored in the garage and Casey moved what he wanted from his stuff up to the condo.

The last couple of days have been quiet. Working and going home to watch TV. Did manage to finish Shoes to Die For. Laughed all the way through it as always, but thought the ending a little off. Definitely could have been stronger.

So yesterday was the first of the month. Guess how many people I had keys back from. That's right, none. I had to call all three of them last night to ask for them back. And one was just going to return it to me next week. Um, I don't think so. You don't live here, you need to return you key. One guy did drop by and return it, so that was good. I'd better get the other two back tonight.

And tonight, the co-worker is supposed to come by and look at my shower to see if it will stop leaking. Hopefully he can figure something out. Naturally, it's not leaking too badly today.

We're going to talk a little about summer and how youth group will look tonight. We might be dropping worship for the summer, which I would actually like. Give me a little more free time and a break from looking at the same songs all the time. It would just be for the summer, but I know I would be refreshed by the time away. Meanwhile, it's Chad and Mindy's last Thursday with us. I'll certainly miss having them around youth stuff.

Right now, however, I have a deposit I need to put together since I won't be here in the morning to do it. Have a great weekend! I'm certain I will.

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