Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Rest of the Story

So where was I, mid afternoon Friday?

Friday night we went to the vonTrapp family Lodge for dinner. Very nice meal. I know it's not someplace I'd eat if I were in the area by myself, so it was fun for something different.

Friday night was the tamest rager yet, hosted by Jenn and Angelique. I stayed until almost the bitter end I was having such a good time. We laughed, and more words were put in my mouth. Kaye, I want to look at your quotable quotes since I don't think they're close to 100% accurate.

Saturday was our sleep in day. We didn't have to be anywhere until 9 AM. I actually decided to do something different and use the whirlpool tub in my room. Then we were off to the gandala ride up the top of the nearby mountain. Just as we reached the top, the clouds cleared so we could see down into the valley. But it was clouding up again by the time we reached the bottom. Then we headed into Burlington for an afternoon of lunch and shopping. There was a group of us that ate at the Red Tomatoe, closest we could come to the Purple Turnip. Had just enough time to check out the two used bookstores. Both had Trixies, although nothing below 14, so I don't think anyone bought any of them. The first one we went to had a Carolyn Hart book, so I bought it. There was also a book called Nibble to Death by Ducks. With a great title like that, how could I pass it up?

We then headed out the the Ethan Allen homestead. I was surprised and disappointed to learn how little is known about this Revolutionary War figure.

Dinner that night was on a cruise on Lake Champlain. If it weren't for the cold, it would have been fun. Still, it was good. Especially when I warmed up after dancing with Cathy. Swing will do that do you. Sure wish I remembered more.

Sunday morning it was time to leave. Lori and I decided to head the long way to the airport, figuring it would only add 10 minutes or so. We went over Smuggler's Notch. It was a very pretty drive, but the speed limit was much slower then we'd counted on, so it took almost two hours to get to the airport. Heck, those who left after us were waiting when I got there. Got to the counter about half an hour before my plane was supposed to leave. The guy let me and my luggage on, but did lecture me about arriving on time. Frankly, I was thrilled I hadn't missed the flight.

Landing in Cincinnatti, I called Matt to come pick me up. This time, we didn't have any trouble connecting since I had some clue where I was going. He took me by his work, the Cincinnatti Museum, which means I can add Ohio to my list of states (up to 22 now, right?). Then we went back to his house, where I finally got to meet Chris. We had lunch and hung around the house for a couple hours. Unfortunately, my flight to LA was on time, so I couldn't stay longer. I did pick up the Babylon 5 set (I know you were all worried), and left an extra copy of The Gatehouse Mystery. If Matt knows what's good for him, he'll enjoy it. On the way back to the airport, we stopped by his local library. Very nice. And they've got a nice collection of the new Trixies. All under Campbell, but I won't complain. So if he likes it, he has no excuse. (Insert evil smiley here.)

Arrived back in LA early. Helped a guy who hardly spoke English get his car started. He had his own jumper cables, so after all the years I've owned mine, I still haven't used them. Then I drove home, dropped my film off at Target, and called Dad for Father's Day.

Yesterday was the annual river rafting trip with the youth of church. I thought I might be too tired, but I had a great time. Of course, part of that was that I didn't have to drive. The water was colder then I remembered in years past, and it was certainly higher due to all the snow we got this winter. We did three runs, each one progressively longer, ending with one that had class IV rapids in it. First time I'd ever done those, and it was fun. I got thrown out of the boat three times by high schoolers. The weather was hot, so being wet was actually a blessing.

Think that about covers it. Today was back to the grindstone of work. I wish I had another fun trip to look forward to.

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