Wednesday, June 01, 2005

In Which I Commit Blasphemy

So Casey and I went to see the third and final Star Wars film Friday night. (Third and final of six. Sounds like a Douglas Adam's universe to me.) I was less then impressed.

Once again, I felt completely detached from the characters and the story. And I'll give you a clue, lots of 10 second scenes near the beginning don't help.

Then there's the dialog. The actors do the best job of it they can, but if they seem bored, maybe it's because the dialog is wooden.

And the story. Frankly, this was Lucas' biggest mistake. I already know how the story ends, so why should I care? This would have been an exciting and innoventive movie had I not already known the ending. I was hoping there would be some sub-plot along the way that would make me care or keep my interested, but there wasn't. It all happened exactly as I expected, and any of the "cool details" that would make it interesting for fans, I figured out by the half way point.

This, of course, is the problem with prequels. How do you make it exciting when the audience already knows the ending? It's very hard to pull off. Unfortunately, Lucas didn't manage.

Back to what I was saying. If I hadn't known Annikan turned to the dark side, I might have cared and been interested. As it was, I was left feeling bored and detached waiting for the inevitable ending to come.

Honestly, I hope he stops there because I have a feeling any further movies could become further excuses for special effects (which were great) with not as much thought to character and plot, which are what will keep my interested in a movie.

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