Friday, June 17, 2005

Entry from Out of State

So the last time I updated my blog from somewhere I normally wouldn't, I updated from somewhere else in Southern CA. This time, I'm doing it from the other side of the country.

So, how's my week been? I'm glad you asked.

Monday night I went bowling with Konrad, Carol, and Debbie for Konrad's brithday. No one did that well, but I did get into the 120's twice and won one of our three games. A good time was had by all.

Tuesday was nothing special, although I did stay up late writing reviews and not packing.

Wednesday was another crazy day at work trying to get ready to leave. Then I had to go home and pack to come to TRIXIE CAMP!!!!!!!

So Wednesday night, I left at 8PM to head to the Van Nuys flyaway. I decided to stop and get a juice drink along the way. Turned out to be the most expensive one I've ever had. I missed the shuttle I needed by seconds and had to drive down to LAX myself, which means my parking for this trip will be twice as much as I had hoped for. Then, along the way, I got stuck in traffic. There was an accident going north, and those of us going south were slowing way down to look. But I finally made it to the airport and got checked in. Got on the plane to discover that I was in the very back of the plane, so my seat didn't recline even the little bit that they normally do. I finished Not a Girl Detective (which had a reference to Trixie Belden in it!) and then tried unsuccessfully to sleep. Eventually I gave up and started reading/skimming the Trixie for this trip, Mystery on Mead's Mountain.

My plane go into Cinncinati a little late, and it took awhile, but evenutally Matt and I connected. We had a good if too short visit over breakfast. Casey had found some books that were Matt's, so I agreed to take them to him. Originally, I thought they were one or two, but it was an entire box of books. I still have the sore sholdiers from carring them all over the airport. But the best part? They weren't his. None of them! He also has my season 5 set of Babylon 5. I'd better get that back when I see him again Sunday!

Waiting form my plane to Vermont, I met up with Barb Tweety, her son Nick, and husband Mark. We were on the same flight in, and they gave me a ride to the resort, after stopping for lunch and a scrapbooking store.

Before I forget, I must mention the guy I sat next to from LA to Cinn. He was also on the flight into Vermont, heading to a camp in upstate New York to work for the summer. Sorry, don't remember what color his hair was, so I don't know if I met Jim, Mart, Brian, or Dan.

Got here to the lodge plenty early, so I checked out the indoor pool and hot tub. Very nice. Then we had a welcome cheese, wine, and cider reception and dinner here on the premises. Dinner was a riot, especially when Cathymw and I made Katrina think that Susansuth had killed off Jim. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.

Today we had tours of the area, Ben & Jerry's (see that machine over there? We use it next.), and a cider mill. Then we had lunch and walked around downtown Stowe.

Weather here has been raining all day. Rained off and on yesterday, but hasn't stopped today. Hope it lets up tomorrow.

Well, JennS is waiting for the computer, so I guess I'd better go.

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