Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Couple of Quick Things

Today is the 228th birthday of the US Flag. Did you know it had its own web site? Neither did I.

Every year when Flag Day rolls around, I think about an Adventures in Odyssey broadcast. It was a direct response to flag burners in the 90’s and sent two of their kids back in time to the writing of our national anthem. What the kids, and those listening, realize by the time it’s over is that the flag is more then a piece of cloth. It represents our country. It’s a symbol of who and what we are. So those who burn our flag are doing it as a slap in the fact to this country. Sorry, but it’s not something that is at all patriotic. There are other, truly patriotic, ways to protest things you don’t like. Burning your country in effigy isn’t one of them.

The other things:

For a few months now, some friends of mine and I have been working on a story. It’s a made up tale of superheroes and villains. We each take turns writing a chapter according to our random assignment. The storyline is a little chaotic since we are writing and creating characters at random, but it holds together reasonably well. If you’re interested, we’ve started posting the story on a new blog. Right now, we’re posting a new segment every few days, but it will slow down when we catch up.

Speaking of which, I need to post my segment before I leave for Trixie Camp tomorrow night, don’t I? (30 hours until my plane leaves, but I'm not counting!)

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