Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Where is My Head?

And that's not the set up for a joke. I have hardly been able to concentrate on anything today. My mind is elsewhere. Not that I know where it is.

For one thing, I keep thinking it's Thursday. Why I wanted to skip Wednesday is beyond me, but I did. So I wanted to do the Thursday Threesome today. And I wanted to read the rest of April's current story.

But part of it is the fact that I didn't sleep last night. At least not very well. Didn't go to sleep until after midnight, woke up at 3 and for good at 5. Yet I'm not tired. Just not connected.

Of course, I spent all that time awake thinking about a Trixie universe I could create....

And yes, yesterday was my 30th birthday. Doesn't make me an old man, however. I refuse to become an old man ever!

Didn't really do anything special for it. We had the standard office party, which was nice, and I talked to my family at night. That's about it. Thought about several things, but didn't wind up doing any of them, including my original plans to read and watch Wonder Woman before The Amazing Race. O well, it was a pleasant night.

And speaking of pleasant, can I tell you how nice the weather is? (I put it down here so you'd read more of my post, Chris.) If it's not 80 out there right now, I'd be shocked. I've had my window open all day. But I decided what I really needed was a laptop with wireless networking so I could sit outside and pretend to work. I must say, this nice weather certainly didn't help my mind focus on anything productive.

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