Friday, March 18, 2005

A Late Update

Heck, for most of the world, it's already Saturday. But it's still Friday, my time, so I can call it a late update.

I'm off work until Thursday. They're replacing our carpet, and they decided it was just going to be too hard to try to set us up to work somewhere else while they move everything out, put the new carpet in, and then move everything back in. So I don't have to work Monday through Wednesday.

Tom says I'll get bored. Is he kidding? I already have two weeks worth of stuff I want to try to get done in these three days. There just isn't going to be enough time!

I forgot to mention that Monday my friends Steve and Karla took me out to dinner for my birthday. And they gave me a gift card to Barnes & Nobel as well! Guess which bookstore I'll buy the next two Trixie's from.

And yes, I'm finally reading Peach Cobbler Murder. So far, so good. :)

Tonight we had a game night for the youth. Fortunately, we had a lot more guys because the game was definitely a guys game. One of our high schoolers made it up with his friends. The guys seemed to have a good time. Way to violent for me, so I wound up playing Survivor: The Game with some of the staff and the jr. high girls (who would not have done well at that game at all.) It's interesting, but could take a very long time. We cut it very short. No, I wasn't the winner.

I just learned something interesting. Today is St. Patrick's Day as well. :) I have a Foxtrot daily rip-off calendar (aka a page a day calendar) sitting on my computer moniter. It says today is St. Patrick's Day. I just double checked, and it did say that for yesterday as well. Pretty funny error.

Well, I'm tired and I have to get up early tomorrow for the St. Pat's Hat ultimate frisbee tournament. We've been moved to the beach in Venice since it's raining. I really don't want to go and play in the rain. If I hadn't already paid my money for it, you'd better believe I'd sleep in and forget about it. We'll see how it goes. I might not stick around. I guess you could say I'm a fair weather ultimate player. Why do you think I live in Sunny Southern CA?

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