Monday, March 14, 2005

I Need Patience. Now!


Only 78 days until my roommates move out, but who's counting?

Yeah, they were driving me crazy this weekend, why do you ask? Ok, mainly yesterday since I wasn't home on Saturday.

The guys in the second bedroom have started sleeping with the sliding door in the living room open, the door to their room open, their window open, and their fan on. One of them should have known how I feel about that since it's been an issue before. When I talked to him about it Sunday morning before church, he got angry with me. "We need to cool it off in here." I suggested opening it earlier, to which he replied, "I wasn't home. I was out witnessing." So being out doing something spiritual is an excuse to ignor your roommate/landlord's wishes? That's news to me.

He didn't come home until late at night, when I brought it up again. I started by asking if he knew why I wanted it closed. "Probably some stupid security reason. We'll close it when we go to bed." Obviously, he wasn't happy about it. When is he going to learn how to get along with his roommates? All I have to say is, I feel very sorry for his future wife. She's going to be in for several rocky years when they're first married.

Meanwhile, it's been three and a half weeks since I asked my roommate to clean our bathroom. I'm still waiting. He's sorta cleaned it once the 10 months he's been here.

Can I just saw I want mature roommates in the future. Who respect me and will give me the courtisy I give them?

Saturday was a fun day. Got up early to go running before I left for book signings. First was Lee Goldberg's for his latest Diagnosis: Murder book. Then comes Ellis Weirner for his new book. Then I went to the Mystery Bookstore by UCLA to hang out at their party for an hour or so. Ran into a friend I haven't seen in over a year, so that was very nice. Then dance class and game night.

That turned out to be interesting. Ran into one of the Quizno's employees I see each Thursday after youth group. Said hi to him, but those with me thought he was a friend of mine not a casual acquaintance, so they invited him to join us for the evening. We had fun, but it could make life interesting in the immediate future.

And that's my weekend in a nutshell. And if my roommates don't back down for the next couple months, I'll be in the nuthouse.

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