Monday, March 21, 2005

First Day Off

So today was my first day off for the new carpeting. I slept in until 10 AM. Got up, washed my bedding, watched The Incredibles and some TV on DVD and then hopped on the internet. Nothing too dramtic. And the rest of the week is going to be about the same.

Now my weekend, however....

Saturday was day one of St. Pat's Hat for this year. Because of the rain, it was on the beach in Venice. So I trucked down there fully intending to get my shirt, play a game, and then leave.

But something happened. I started having fun. It helped that my team was on a real winning streak. We won all five games on Saturday. Most by a large margin. The largest being 11-3. The closest game was 13-12.

It rained a little for a while, but most of the time was sprinkles. I even got hot enough to take off the shirt I was wearing underneath for warmth.

Of course, my legs were downright tired after that. But it was a blast. I scored a point in the first game, and was a part of the action every time I was in. Of course, with 5 people on the field instead of 7, I kinda had to be.

I really wanted to play again Sunday, but with Jennie in town, there was no way I could do everything I wanted to do. So, after church, I talked to my family then went down to meet Angelique and Jennie. We went to a very late lunch. Then we played miniture golf. I wound up winning. Of course, they'll clame it was because I was keeping score. But it wasn't. Honest! We headed down to Westwood, then went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. First time I've ever eaten there. Food was great, service wasn't. The kitchen was slow, which might explain why it took us over an hour to get our food. Once we got our food, we had to hurry to get Jennie to the airport on time. But we made it with time to spare. By the time I got home, it was midnight.

With all this stuff going on, can you understand why I slept in until 10 this morning? I must say, it felt wonderful. And I'll be sleeping in again tomorrow.

Of course, I got sucked back into the Amazon customer review board again today. Found a couple reviews on a product that were commenting on other reviews, especially one written by Harriet, the #1 reviewer over there. I headed over there to read the thread about it. As I figured, most of the board is supporting the jerks. Keep in mind that both of them are ex-top 100 reviewers who know the rule about commenting directly on other reviews. And the fact that their review wasn't about the product they were "reviewing." Yes, it got me to post on the board. One of them has been her normal non-civil self. Neither think they did anything wrong. I reported their reviews and their reviews only, and Amazon took them away, so I feel vindicated. Hopefully, I can leave the board again by Wednesday night.

Right now, 24 is on and my roommate is about to go to bed. So I need to post this and go.

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