Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Adventures in Fictious Character Stalking

Earlier this month, an author I love sent me the address where her fictious character lives. Since it's in Hollywood, I decided to check it out Wednesday night after picking Jennie up from the airport.

I'd gotten directions off Yahoo maps, and my first order of business was to figure out which way I wanted to go on the freeway. Finally, I figured out I wanted to go south. Just one problem. I thought I was on the correct onramp, but suddenly found myself going north. So I had to exit and turn back around.

When I got to my exit, I found out that I couldn't turn left, as the directions told me to.

Finally, I got turned around and headed the correct direction on the correct road. My directions said the street was on the right, so I stayed in the right lane and slowed down for every single street. It wasn't there. I made a couple more passes, then decided to check out the other side of the street. And that's where I finally found it.

Well, almost. The addresses were hard to see in the dark. I made a couple passes, but I figured that the neighbors might not appreciate me doing it again. Afraid they'd call the cops about the strange car on their little street at 11:30 at night, I left.

Still, I have a guess on which of the houses it is. It's the one that best matches the description from the books. Of course, since I got the rest of the details in the neighborhood completely wrong, who knows if I was correct or not.

Still, it's always fun to see what the reality is. It was similar to what I had pictured, but not quite right. The street was shorter, the houses packed more together, and even though it knew it was close to the freeway, I had no idea it was that close.

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