Monday, January 10, 2005

Yesterday=Great. Today=Not So Great

Most of yesterday was the normal church/talk to my family type stuff. But last night I met up with some friends in the evening. We had dinner then played Harry Potter Uno (yes, there are a couple small changes). We had a blast. It was a much needed time with friends. In fact, we decided to have a regularly scheduled game night.

However, when I got home and told the one roommate who was home and up about it, he was really rude about it. I announce they'll be over, but varified that he'd most likely be out of town. In fact, two of my roommates plan to be out of town that night, which is why I volunteered to go first. He seemed really put out by the fact that I was planning to have friends over at all. And then he says, "Well, can I reserve the house for the 27th." After double checking the date, I say, "Sure. What's going on?" "I don't know yet."

Mind you, this is after I've told him that all my roommates are more the welcome to join us if they're in town.

I don't know what it is, but he and I are butting heads constantly these days. This is the same roommate who seems most included to exclude me from things the other three are doing. So you'd think he'd be happy to see my developing a social life. But I guess he just wants me to stay home and mope all the time.

Anyway, after that, I finished Third Watch. Actually, I read about 2/3's of the book this weekend. Just spent a nice relaxing weekend in the condo trying to stay out of the rain. Great book. Much better then the last one.

For some reason, the condo has gotten very warm over the last few days. And I could not get it to cool off last night. Finally went to sleep about 2:30AM. Got up and going in time to get to work on time, but then I had to fight my garage door. Seems it only wants to open about 1/3 of the way. Maybe it's due to the storm. I really don't know. But I had to get it open all the way to get my car out. Stopped for gas, but the gas station I was planning to stop at was closed. And I had ants all over my keyboard when I got into the office. Honestly, I wanted to head back to bed.

But the days been ok once I got to work. Nothing exciting happening either way. Except that my package from Amazon hasn't quite made it here yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

So now, I need to get gas and head home. Figure out what's wrong with my garage door and watch last night's premier of 24 so I can watch tonight's episodes. You know, 4 hours in two nights is a little too much.

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