Tuesday, January 18, 2005

TV Tuesday for Jan 18th

Today's subject over at TV Tuesday is Jumping the Shark.

1. What is the worst Jump the Shark moment for a show that you've faithfully watched? Did you continue to watch after the show took the jump or did you give up in disgust?
It takes a lot for me to give up on a show. Buffy and Angel both jumped, but I kept watching. I must lean toward the worst moment being when Angel took over Wolfram and Hart. Or when they killed off Fred. Either of those was pretty bad in my opinion.

2. Is there a show that you're currently watching that you think has Jumped the Shark? Any show that currently is putting on a life vest and strapping on water skis?
Alias. To be honest, I think it jumped the shark when they took down SD-6 in season 2. It's been enjoyable sense then, but it's not nearly as exciting or entertaining.

3. Is there a show that has never taken the jump?
I don't like to say never when the show's still on, but 24 is no where near jumping yet. And I'd argue that I Love Lucy and Newhart never jumped.

4. Is there a show that got close to jumping but then came back?
I'm going to tweak this slightly. I think Mary Tyler Moore jumped when Rhoda left. While I certainly enjoy the show after that, it's not the same as when Rhoda lived above Mary. It just seems to be missing something.

5. What elements do you think most contribute to a show making the jump?
Age of the show. Loosing major characters for whatever reason. A drastic change behind the scenes or in storyline.

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