Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Oh How the Time Goes By

Looks like I'm finally going to get a chance to update this thing with my Christmas/New Years news. So let's get cracking.

I spent a week with my family in Northern CA. It was crazy busy. I hardly had time to turn around or relax, which was what I really needed more then anything. And Mom and I had several moments that weren't great.

The first involved her numbering syster for packages. Normally, they don't put out presents before Christmas Eve, then we aren't allowed to see them until we actually go to open them. This year, presents were out when I got up there, but they numbered. And Mom kept going on and on about how we had to figure it out. Including at 2 in the morning when we were trying to go to bed after picking my brother and sister-in-law up from the airport. Finally, I mentioned that I don't necessarily enjoy games like this. O, she wasn't happy with me for saying that. Frankly, I was tired of her constant talking about it. When Mike did figure it out, Mom wasn't happy we figured it out because we weren't supposed to figure it out. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!! And, we're the only people she won't put names on before hand. I feel like I'm being treated like a little kid.

And that really didn't help with this next one. Before I said what I did about not enjoying the game, Mom told me that I couldn't buy anything on my Christmas list I did'nt get until after my birthday. Um, hello! I'm 29. You can't order me around like that any more. Based on what I got for Christmas, I'm sure I know what they got me planning for my birthday. And it wasn't something I was planning to buy between now and then. But every year, they talk about how happy they are with my Christmas list because it gives them lots of options. I come up with that by not buying things for the last few months of the year planning to do that after Christmas is I don't get them. If this is going to be the new policy, my Christmas list will suddenly shrink. Trust me.

Finally, there was the moment alone in my car when she asked me "Do any of your married friends ever try to set you up?" When I answered in the negatory, she reponsed "Why do you think that is?" You know, I always appreciated the fact that Mom never went on and on about me being single. I hope that's not going to change.

But over all, I had a great time. Enjoying seeing Mike and his wife. Spent one night with Donald and Heather, which was great. (And a much needed break, I might add.) And got to see some extended family Wednesday night before I left. Even managed a visit, finally, to the Charles Schultz Museum. Really enjoyed that, being such a fan of Peanuts.

Came back and spent New Year's Eve home alone for the most part. Which brings up another rant about my roommates, but that's for another time.

Finally, New Year's Day, got to pick up Matt from the airport and head down to his parent's house. We were supposed to finish off Babylon 5, but since he got in a week later then planned, we only had time for 5 of the 14 episodes. Spent most of the time helping him pack up his room to move cross country. So I start the year saying goodby to yet another friend. I honestly don't think I can take much more of this goodby nonesense.

And I got a new haircut yesterday. A flattop. I surprised myself by actually getting it to stand up after my shower this morning. I think I like it. Probably keep it for the foreseeable future. Although I may shop around a little. Not completely happy with how it was cut.

Today was the first day back after vacation. Naturally, it's crazy with end of calendar year stuff going on. And at some point this week, we need to run W-2's.

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