Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Winding Down for the Year

Found out today that Phil's giving us all of tomorrow off, so I won't have to come in. Except I need to download statements, but that should be quick and easy. Which will mean I get to make an earlier start for my parents', which is a good thing.

But the last couple days? I got all my Christmas specials watched. Loved them, too. And got three loads of laundry done, too. So now all I need to do is wrap presents and pack. Drew will be working tonight, so I can crank up the Christmas music and enjoy.

Of course, I wouldn't mind a little company tonight. I'll be busy, but knowing there's someone around or could be someone around is nice. Which is probably why I'd be unhappy to live alone for more then a week.

Went out to lunch with my co-workers Tuesday. Macarroni Grill. Hadn't been there in years. Very good. And lots of fun. I really would like to go out to eat a little more often.

My heater has stopped working. It does nothing but blow cold air. :( I'm trying to get in touch with some from my church to see if he can fix it. Sure was nice when that was my landlord's problem and not mine. Not sure what to do if he can't. I guess Drew won't freeze to death while I'm gone. Although it's supposed to be in the 30's at night and the 60's during the day. Benjamin would be thrilled when he gets back, however. :)

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