Monday, December 06, 2004

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

At least at my place. I decorated this weekend.

Friday night I dug the tree out of the garage and put it together and put the lights on it. Then I got my other boxes out of the storage closet and went to bed.

Saturday, I set off to catch up on Survivor, the only TV I was behind on. Unfortunately, my VCR in the living room had other ideas. It wasn't registering the tape at all. Took it to a repair place down the street from me, and he figured out the problem, just maintenance issues. Fixed it no problem cheaply!

Then I put the lights on the balcony. From a distance, they just look like a mess, but up close, they look nice. Either way, they're very colorful. Then I put the decorations on the tree. With the memories associated with them, that's always fun. With Grandma's ceramic Christmas tree in my room and a nativity scene on the entertainment center, I think we're all set.

Saturday I also talked to lots of people. Donald, Seth, Carol, Mike Lovell and Mike & Zoe. Really is amazing all I was able to get done. Found out ML is recently married. Another of those I thought would never marry takes the plunge. There really is hope for me!

Finished my book last night. Second half of The Shilo Sisters was definitely better then the first. Looks like that may end the series, which would be ok with me. I honestly don't know if I want to read any more.

And last night was family fellowships after church. Enjoyable evening.

Looks like my book package from Amazon still hasn't shipped even though the DVD's have. Considering those are my next three books, we might have a problem. And their recent order part of their site has been down all day, so I can't go in and check for sure. :(

But that's ok. I need to concentrate on stuff for class the next couple of days. That way, when the books do get here, I'll be able to read and enjoy them.

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