Monday, December 20, 2004

Dead as a Doornail

Campus sure gets quiet when the students leave. And with people taking off for Christmas, this week will be quieter then Summer. Which is probably a good thing because this is a busy week for us. Since we're off from Thursday at noon until the fourth, the final payrolls need to be run before Thursday. At least this year we aren't running the W-2's until after the break. Takes one layor of complexity out of the system.

Ok, not only did I post a new Trixie Christmas story at Zap's, but I also got a cell phone this weekend. Can you believe that? Still not sure it's a good idea and still not sure that I need it. Especially for the money. I just keep looking at the money and thinking I could better spend it on something else. Well, this is a 30 day trial, so if I decide it's not worth it over break, I can always return it and not be committed to a contract. Of course, it might be my phone as well. Not as happy with that as I had hoped.

Of course, I did download a couple rings for the phone yesterday. "What Child is This?" for the next week, and then the Alias theme song for the rest of the year. Doesn't sound quite right, but it's still fun.

Let's see, finished my Christmas shopping Saturday as well. I'm very happy about that. Now, I just need to wrap presents.

And watch Christmas specials. I have yet to start, including Charlie Brown, The Grinch, both VeggieTales, and The Santa Clause. Add on to that laundry, packing, finishing my book, and working, and I'll be busy until I leave Thursday.

Speaking of reading, I finished Access Denied Friday night. Wonderful ending, and I'm certainly read for the next book already. Wish I didn't have to wait.

And I'm over half way through Snuffed Out. I don't think I'm enjoying it quite as much as I did the first in the series, but it's still good. Also, short. Started it Saturday, and I have 70 pages to go.

Saturday was also Stephen and Natalie's annual Christmas party. Lots of fun as always. We played Taboo, which I don't think I've played in a long time. And obviously, the teams were even because we wound up tied. :) And, they gave me a gift for being the most faithful attender of their parties, a mug with a penguin on it. Now I'll be able to go insane every time I drink (remember, one of my new bumper stickers is "One by one, the penguins slowly steal my sanity.") Some friends they are, actively helping me become more insane. :)

Started loosing roommates to the holidays today. Benjamin is gone and Tom leaves tomorrow. Drew won't be leaving until after I do, so it'll just be he and I for a couple nights. It'll be nice having a few less people around the place. I need some down time right now.

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