Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Abadonded Blog for Sale. Cheep!

I can't believe it's been so long since I was here. I'm sure I have some excuse here, somewhere.

So, news....

I finally got back in touch with the guy whose Frisbees we borrowed for the Frisbee golf day for the jr. high back in September. He's supposed to stop by and pick them up today. So far, so word from him, however.

I left work early Friday due to a pain in my stomach. Dragged one of my roommates to the doctor's with me. Finally concluded it's got to be a pulled muscle from my month of coughing back in October. :( It's been coming and going for a few weeks now. Hope it gets better soon.

Saturday I got very little on my to do list done. Did finish Chocolate Puppy Puzzle, which I started Thursday night. Loved it! Then I ran some errands. Finally swapped out the pipe in my shower, so it's no longer leaking around the shower head. And put my old "rain" shower head on. I'm thrilled to have that back. Got a longer extension chord as well, so I was able to rearrange the lights on my balcony. I think they'd be better for they were white, but I'm happier with how they look now. This is quite a change for me, because I usually don't like white lights.

And the weather was gorgeous Saturday. In the 80's. So, naturally, I took the opportunity to go swimming.

It did feel wrong, however, to go Christmas Caroling that night. I only put my jacket on at the very end!

That was something else. The kids seemed to want to do nothing but push my buttons all night. I wound up yelling on more then one occassion. It didn't help that the staff member in the car with me was egging them on. Like telling them to open the doors when I locked the controls for the windows. And they were trying to do things like tickle me, which is unsafe when I'm driving. No, not one of my better youth activities.

Sunday, I went with Matt (the other one) and Casey to see National Treasure. Fun movie. Give it it's own logic, but lots of fun.

And I've started Access Denied. Finally getting back to Turing Hopper! I'm enjoying it. Would like to be going through it faster, but I also need to study for my final tomorrow. Can't wait until that's over and done with! Feeling pretty good about it, however. We'll just have to see how I feel after tomorrow.

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